Terms of Agreement :

The Thunder on the Gulf Powerboat Race, Thunder Run Super Boat Grand Prix Races, and events related thereto, hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Race" are owned by the Gulf Coast Powerboat Association (GCPA).   GCPA is the licensing authority for the limited use of "Media", to include but not limited to Photography, Video Footage, Articles, and Periodicals of or about the Race. 

Any and all authorized and other reproductions of the Race and related events of any kind, character, or nature, are the exclusive property of the GCPA and may not be copied, reproduced, or otherwise published in any manner except as authorized hereby without the expressed consent of GCPA.  GCPA, as the owner of the Media of the Race and related events, may use or reproduce any such Media, in any manner , including, but not limited to reproductions for commercial profit, in which GCPA elects.  

The newspaper or periodical for whom the Media  works or which otherwise elects to publish any such Media or otherwise authorized reproductions of the said Race shall not be entitled to any royalties, proceeds, or other profit of any kind resulting from such publications except under the circumstances and use as authorized herein.

Media related does hereby release and forever discharge GCPA and it's employees, directors. agents, and volunteers, from any and all claims, demands, actions, and liability of any kind, character or nature for any damage or injury to any property or person arising from or otherwise related to said Race or related events.  

Resale of Media is not permitted.  Any use for advertising or for purposes other than editorial/publicity must first be cleared with the GCPA and copyright holders of the images, prior to the intended use.

Media related does hereby declares and certifies the terms of this license  have been completely understood and voluntarily accepted for the purpose of allowing Media to photograph and pubulish same under the limited circumstances and use as stated herein.

GCPA request that a copy of the pictures, videos or articles you release to be forwarded to info@thunderonthegulf.com so we can have it for our historical library. Thank You!

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