Contestants MUST be 21 years of age or older

Entrants will be accepted on an ongoing  basis until the date of the actual contest
Event Scheduleand the Information tab)

Each Entrant will be voted for by a panel of judges from the Powerboat Racing Industry and The Flora-Bama

Contestants will be scored on Beauty, Body Tone, Personality and Crowd Reaction

Contestants will be selected from eligible Entrants to participate in the Official Contest

Contestants MUST ARRIVE no later than 60 minutes before the Start Time of the Contest

Thongs are NOT ALLOWED

In case of a tie both Contestants would be declared the Winner and share the prizes equally

TERMS OF AGREEMENT:All persons participating in the 2014 Ms. Flora~Bama Shootout Bikini Contests hold harmless and indemnify Thunder on the Gulf Powerboat Races, the Gulf Coast Powerboat Association, Flora-Bama, Inc., Offshore Powerboat Association, Judges, Contest employees and all other persons directly or indirectly connected with the operation of the contest from any liability, claim, loss, damage, injury or harm to any entrant, participant or their companions, arising from any act, omission or negligence, whether directly or indirectly, arising from the operation of the contest.

As additional consideration for participation in the Ms. Flora~Bama Shootout Bikini Contests, All contestants agree to be bound by the Contest rules as amended and hereby authorize and grant to Gulf Coast Powerboat Association, Inc. the right to photograph them and use their picture, silhouette, and other reproduction of their physical likeness or voice (as it may appear in any still camera photograph, and or motion picture film or videotape recording) and in connection with its use in video recordings, television, advertising or other publicizing of the Thunder on the Gulf Powerboat Races and the ThunderRun Super Boat Grand Prix Races and Bikini Contest.

I have read the Rules and Waiver and agree to their terms (click Consent radio button above that you have read and understand the terms).

Ms. Flora~Bama Shootout


1st Place $500

2nd Place $250

​3rd Place $100

Our First Place Winner will be our Guest of Honor at our VIP party at Plaza de Luna on Race Day and Awards Ceremony!